Mana Food Bar : A Sanctuary for Vegetarians

Mana Food Bar is a staple for vegetarians and it has an assortment of unique and eclectic flavors.  I love the fact that I can come here and be able to eat everything on the menu, I am not quarantined to a quarter of the menu options.  It’s so nice to have all of these delicious options here.  

Beatnik: 18th Century Decadence with a 21st Century Flavor

With a name like Beatnik, I had very high expectations for this cocktail bar/restaurant that opened up recently in the West Town neighborhood.  I am first of all happy to see a new restaurant open up in the West Town neighborhood because it definitely needs more options for restaurants.

Pub Royale: Eclectic Indian Cuisine

Pub Royale is a true favorite of mine as someone who loves Indian food but enjoys their creative approach to it.  They have amazing brunch and dinner and have delivered excellent food consistently.

Giant: A space for all culinary appetites

I was a bit weary of this place since I had heard mixed reviews from friends.  Some people love it while others deeply dislike it.  But I am on the “love this place” team.